iS3 STOPzilla AntiMalware 6.0 - 1-Year / 1-PC

Manufacturer: iS3

The Ultimate Line of Protection Against Malware and Spyware

STOPzilla AntiMalware 6.0 complements AntiVirus solutions by providing the ultimate in malware prevention and removal capabilities.

  • Designed to Eliminate Online Threats
  • Efficient and User-friendly
  • Extensive Database of Malware Threats
  • USA Service and Support
  • Blocks, Detects and Eliminates Malware

    Developed to destroy existing threats, unlike other software that only attempts to prevent new threats.
  • Extensive Database of Malware Signatures

    One of the largest Malware threat databases in the industry providing the best coverage on the detection and removal of Malware.
  • Works Cooperatively With Your AntiVirus

    Complements AntiVirus solutions to provide the widest protection possible against the range of threats.
  • Will Not Slow Your Computer Down

    Designed specifically for maximum performance by reducing the use of system resources.
  • Uncomplicated and Easy to Use

    An intuitive easy to use interface, pre-configured for optimal performance and protection.
  • USA Service and Supported

    STOPzilla is the only product of its kind that is 100% developed and supported in the USA.